Notificational Attyachaar

5 Responses to “Notificational Attyachaar”
  1. Hi Akshar,

    We have a mobile app currently under review by Apple’s app review team. My company is creating the next iMDB for the Indian market.

    Please connect with me whenever possible or at the earliest since there is an opportunity I would like to discuss.

    Best regards,

    Prashat Passi
    Moodbucket Mobile Inc.

  2. Vikas Prasad says:

    Hi Akshar,
    Fan of urs man..

    I wanted files of ur minimal designs to putup on my restaurant walls.
    I own a restaurant in Gangtok. Sikkim with the name Khan Uncle’s Biryani House.

    Wanted to buy some posters on Bollywood Cliche,TV Series etc.

    Would you be interested ?

    Please reply


    Hand Phone : 09933033990

  3. Super photos showing emotional attyachaar.

  4. Supratik Roy says:

    Hi vikas,

    I am a bollywood poster collector.We deal only on original movie poster .sorry no reproduction.if you are interested ,please contact me on 09831057463


  5. Sexy Sam says:

    this is called good collection of images

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